We make “The Net” work

It’s common knowledge that the technology running today’s business is evolving at an exponential rate. What’s not as obvious is that the tools used to develop those technologies are evolving even faster. Solutions which may have been prohibitively expensive just a few years ago may now have a six month or less return on investment using today’s tools.

Harrison Consulting, Inc. is a Connecticut based information technology firm that works with a wide range of organizations to develop cost-effective solutions engineered to give our clients competitive advantages in their respective industries. Over the course of our 30-year history, Harrison Consulting has used the most current yet mature tools available to create solutions for Fortune 100 cosmetics conglomerates, multinational pharmaceutical companies, wholesale distributors, nonprofits, dozens of small businesses, and have even created our own medical practice management platform called IBEX which is currently doubling the income for our sole-practitioning healthcare provider clients.