Harrison Consulting, Inc. recognized early on the value of the Internet and its ability to move massive amounts of information around the world in seconds, and developed an outsourced technology company that can responsibly integrate it into your business with integrity and accountability.

Founded in September 1994, Harrison Consulting began with a mission to offer a full range of computer services to a Fairfield County, Connecticut client base. Soon afterwards, in 1995, the Internet was released by the NSF to the public domain. From the beginning, it was clear that the Internet would transform the business landscape from a million or so isolated islands of service providers, retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers (whose sole means of communication was by telephone, fax or courier) into a tightly interwoven fabric of commerce and industry. 20 years and two recessions later, Harrison Consulting, Inc. has stayed true to its mission, supporting a broad range of clients throughout the East Coast and Europe. Our deep domain expertise allows us to recommend proper solutions that give our clients the highest return on their IT investment.