Software Development

The applications are limitless

Harrison Consulting, Inc. has provided full stack development services for over 20 years. Our clients range from startups to multinational corporations to non-profit organizations to municipalities.

A common misconception is that software development is limited exclusively to the creation of turnkey application like an ERP package or a facial recognition system. This, in fact, is not the case. Harrison Consulting, Inc. specializes in modular development, the creation of software that works in tandem with an existing software.

As an organization outgrows its software’s ability to fulfill its needs, it finds itself in the position of having to replace existing software with another, more robust package. Most often, this newer software comes with an eye-watering price tag, which essentially only offers the organization just a few new features and is otherwise identical to the old software with respect to its functionality. Apart from these new (albeit critical) features, the new software is otherwise redundant or offers functionality superfluous to the organization’s needs. However, there is another option.

Harrison’s experience and expertise allow us to develop solutions that extend the capabilities of an organization’s existing software and eliminate the need to replace it. These modular solutions not only saves the client the direct costs associated with purchasing new software but also the ancillary costs of training, running parallel systems, data migration, data rollbacks, etc. As for the users behind the computers, people, they welcome any new application that performs tasks to lighten their workload but equally dread the frustrating process of re-learning how to perform tasks they reflexively performed just months prior to “the upgrade”.

Some common modular solutions are:
  • Extending desktop applications to one or more mobile devices (e.g. Sales Order Procurement via mobile phone)
  • Creating a B2B or customer portal website using the data from an existing application as its foundation
  • Developing APIs or X12 EDI solutions that allow an existing software platform to exchange data with providers, vendors, and customers
  • The development of custom reporting tools (e.g. direct and indirect expenses allocated to each customer)

In some cases, an organization requires the development of a turnkey solution because there either there are no available solution or, if they does exist, it is prohibitively expensive. Over the years, we have developed many turnkey solutions for our clients both here in the U.S. and abroad.

Pharmaceutical CRM

This solution integrates a multiuser desktop application and multiple mobile devices. The Desktop application is used to assign physicians and products to representatives, view and modify representative schedules, and analyze data which is synchronized with the representatives’ mobile devices using Harrison's Fault-Free-Sync technology. The mobile device software used by the representatives and allows them to create and modify their schedule as well as collect information such as product presentation order, physician-product assessment. This software also has the added benefit of collecting GPS information during the representative’s workday (as determined by their schedule).

Healthcare Management System

This Desktop Application has been developed in three parts: patient eligibility assessment, patient plan of care maintenance (where the cost of services offered by 3rd party service providers are to meet state mandated cost-caps) and 3rd party service provider clain adjudication, invoice verification, and payment disbursement. This software was initially developed for the Connecticut Home Care Program for Elders and is able to maintain thousands of patients, hundreds of service providers and, at last count, handled in excess of $40 million in disbursements at a single location.

Mobile Device Sales Order Procurement

This system consists of a desktop application (used to organize product information, assign customers to representatives, create and modify sales orders and synchronize data between the accounting package/ERP and the mobile devices) and the mobile device software used to take sales orders. The system supports 10,000+ products and inventory, customer balances and enforces credit limits.

Harrison’s Fault-Free-Sync technology allows for sales orders to be taken offline when in “dead-zones” and simply synchronized when the mobile device has reception. All data exchanges are secure and be performed anywhere the mobile device has access to the Internet.

Mobile Barcode Scanner Fulfillment

This solution is ideal for distributors working with perishable items. Working with perishable items is a logistical nightmare for the simple reason that inventory the computer displays seldom represents the physical quantity of items fit for sale. Our solution solves this problem by integrating with our Sales Order Procurement System to generate “pick lists” from customer sales orders. Our mobile barcode scanner software gives operators the ability to fill orders with appropriate “Best-Before-Dates”. If a pick-list is filled in its entirety, a bill of lading and matching invoice are generated. Otherwise, the sales order is flagged for customer approval, modified as necessary and the process continues.

Multinational Sales Order Procurement

This desktop solution allows sales teams in different countries (with their associated languages and culture settings) and 55 currencies to securely enter sales orders using real time inventory and customer data without the use of leased lines or VPNs.

Insurance Billing

This desktop software allows for automated, recurring billing and receivables and operates independently of any ERP/accounting software. By storing policy holder information, automatically applying rebates and discounts and committing only fully processed payments this solution nearly eliminates extraneous and reversing General Ledger entries and, as a result, the client saves thousands by increasing productivity while avoiding additional software licensing.

From RFx management, to project management, to building a turnkey application, Harrison Consulting stands ready to support your unique software development needs.