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90% of all buyers use an online search engine as a first step in making purchase decisions. That’s why it’s so critical that people easily find your website, and that your website offers an engaging experience once visitors arrive. At Harrison Consulting, we design engaging websites that are easily discovered, build engagement with prospective customers, and ultimately generate revenue. Our approach is threefold:
  • Engagement through design: Your website serves as a business card, a brochure, a point of sale, and a customer service representative. A well designed website will keep the user engaged while keeping all requested information within three mouse clicks from anywhere within the website itself.

  • Multilingual support: Your customers can come from any geography, and you need to speak their language. Harrison Consulting can help with that too. We build support for multiple languages directly into our websites as to appeal to a wide an audience as possible. We even offer translation services for Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian and Greek.

  • SEO: You want your business’ listing to occupy the highest possible rank in search engine results, a task that has been complicated by rapid updates to Google’s Panda algorithm and the introduction of real-time bidding. At Harrison Consulting, we recognize that search engine optimization is as much art as science. By improving your search engine ranking we increase your traffic, and help convert additional traffic into revenue.

All of Harrison Consulting, Inc.’s websites are optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. We employ the latest JavaScript plugins and widely adopted features that are supported byevery browser. We also implement Google Analytics for all of our sites, allowing our clients to track key website statistics and adjust marketing messages in real time based on proven drivers of conversion.