VoIP, Harrison & Your Business

VoIP & SIP in Plain English

VoIP (Voice over IP) is a general term for the methodology of using the Internet to channel voice and video communications. Although most people are somewhat unfamiliar with the term VoIP, they are familiar with its most popular application: Skype.

Just as people use a particular language to communicate with each other, VoIP uses several protocols or languages that allow different VoIP systems to communicate with one another. The most widely adopted protocol or “spoken” technology in the VoIP world is a protocol called SIP.

VoIP is so widely uses that, in 2014, 80% of all new phone installations in the USA rely on VoIP and SIP. When a customer orders Internet and telephone services, their provider installs “All-In-One” Internet router, which gives the customer Internet access. These routers also convert the customer’s existing telephones and telephone systems (as they are also connected to the router) to SIP, which in turn piggybacks on the customer’s Internet service.

VoIP Business Solutions

The primary reason for VoIP’s widespread success is its low cost. Where POTS lines (traditional telephone lines) cost an average of $50/month, VoIP providers like Optimum are offering 10 lines for $30 (with unlimited calling throughout North America). Another, less obvious advantage to using VoIP is that it allows business to offer local telephone numbers wherever they have customers: throughout the world.

Harrison Consulting, Inc. is one such business. Although our core client base in Connecticut and the NYC metropolitan area, we have many customers (independent hotels) in Greece using our WebReservationsDirect.Com hotel reservation system. In our effort to offer better assist our overseas customers, we have installed a Greek SIP line (a SIP telephone number) which costs only $5/month and $0.02/minute, allows three simultaneous calls, fully integrates into our existing PBX telephone system, and uses an automated system attendant in Greek. Our overseas customers could not be happier

Sounds Good. Now, what about my organization?

Until recently, turnkey business solutions that could take advantage of VoIP’s pricing and offer all the benefits of a fully featured traditional PBX were prohibitively expensive or offered less than desirable features. Harrison Consulting, Inc. uses a software based IP PBX, the same solution used by Pepsi, Wilson Sporting Goods, Mitsubishi Motors, Boeing, etc., as opposed to a hardware solution

Our solution IP PBX comes in two editions: Standard and Professional and both operates on a wide range of computer hardware ranging from an everyday, stand-alone Windows 7/8 PC to Windows 2008/2012 servers.

Standard Edition Features

  • Unlimited internal extensions
  • Caller ID and Call Transfers
  • Call ring groups
  • Call queuing
  • Call management
  • Mobile Phone integration supporting iOS and Android (users can receive calls to their extensions on their mobile phones)
  • Softphone for Windows and Mac (does not require a handset making it ideal for call centers)
  • Supports multiple vendor hardware (no vendor lock-in)
  • Analog Gateway Support (allowing the telephone system to make use of existing POTS/traditional telephone lines).
  • Unlimited internal extensions
  • Fully featured, multi-level system attendant/digital receptionist
  • Integrated Voice-mail system for unlimited users
  • Voice-mail to Email forwarding
  • Branch Office Bridging (connecting branch offices directly over the Internet and allowing users to communicate and transfer calls as if they were in the same location)
  • Call recording (both from internal extensions and from mobile phones)
  • Inbound faxes converted to PDF and e-mailed to a designated user/group. (Outbound requires MS Server 2008/2012)
  • MS Outlook Integration
  • Multiple VoIP/SIP provider support

Professional Edition Additional Features

  • Microsoft Exchange Server Message Unification (allows for voice recognition and voice-mail transcription with forwarding to SMS)
  • Microsoft Exchange Auto Attendant
  • Integrates Microsoft Exchange Contact Phonebook
  • Microsoft LDAP Integration / Authentication
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Microsoft Dynamics Integration
  • SAGE ACT Integration
  • SugarCRM Integration
  • HTTP API allows for Integration with any Web-based CRM or custom development


At the heart of any telephone system is the PBX. As our PBX solution is software based, it adheres to the licensing standards and is priced according the number of simultaneous calls (internal & external) made.

Simultaneous Calls Standard Edition License Professional Edition License
2 Free Free
4 $395 $495
8 $795 $995
16 $1,395 $1,795
32 $2,495 $3,250
64 $4,750 $6,500
128 $8,500 $10,995
256 $14,995 $19,995
512 $25,500 $32,500
1024 $42,995 $57,500

Perhaps the most important advantage of a Software based IP PBX is that upgrading is as simple as entering a new license key! No additional PBX boxes, no expansion units, no additional modules or proprietary cables. Just a license key!

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