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The Applications are Limitless

Harrison Consulting offers all the services you would expect from an established IT firm. From helping your organization plan its next steps with SAaD (System Analysis and Design), to designing and building out your network architecture, to software development.

System Analysis and Design (SAaD)

SAaD clearly defines current problems, opportunities, and viable solutions, as well as an in-depth cost-benefit analysis. For larger projects, SAaD is critical in identifying potential pitfalls and dead ends before a single line of code is written.

Computer Networking

Your organization’s computer network is its foundation. Harrison Consulting has decades of experience in building and maintaining efficient and secure LANs, WANs and VPNs servicing your remote sites and staff.


Cybersecurity is a one of today’s greatest concerns and, unfortunately, it’s also one of the most complex to address. A good antivirus is a good start but, historically, most data breaches began with bad actors leveraging vulnerabilities in corporate websites and malicious e-mails targeting specific staff after weeks of social engineering. Harrison Consulting, Inc. is very familiar with identifying vulnerabilities throughout the OSI stack. ‘The Bad Guys’ only have to get it right once. Harrison Consulting can help you get it right every time.

Database Design

Harrison Consulting has worked with MS SQL Server since the 90’s as it offers excellent performance, integrated security, scalability, and unbelievable flexibility. Most developers and database administrators only scratch the surface of SQL server’s potential. However, Harrison Consulting leverages SQL Server’s CRL capabilities (the ability to run custom written code) to initiate communications with workstations (ideal for brokers and real-time updates), introduce Integration Services, and increase performance by up to 900%.

Software Development

For over 20 years, Harrison Consulting has developed hundreds of desktop, mobile, and web applications for both the USA and Europe. Although we have developed many new, custom applications to suit the needs of clients with niche business models, a majority of our development has centered around extensibility solutions. Our decision in the early 2000’s to rely heavily on Microsoft’s .Net framework has paid dividends by allowing us to meet multi-lingual and multi-cultural (date, currency formats) challenges as well as securely “future-proofing” our work product.